Lake City Tower

One Bedrooms
Two Bedrooms

Here at Tiger, we believe architecture is the window of which one can truly witness the beauty of the world. In Lake City Tower we ensured that the residents are enjoying a wonderful view of the city and the lake.
Apartments Overlooking Wonders
There is nothing like staying back home, kicking it back and enjoying a relaxing evening but imagine relaxing 152 meters up in the sky! Lake City Towers has 442 apartments divided on 36 floors. Each apartment offers you a wonderful view of the city and lake for you to fully enjoy your time at home. Unravel the beauty of Dubai from the comfort of your Lake City Apartment!

The way of the Tiger...
Working on Lake City Tower has been an incredible journey filled with exciting challenges, but with hard work and dedication, we came to see our vision come to life. We are happy to see the wonders of Dubai unraveled before the residents of the tower.

  • Temperature controlled swimming pool.
  • Kids play area and lush green park.
  • Cafe and restaurants.
  • recreational centre and clubhouse.
  • Well equipped health club and gymnasium.

Lake City Tower is located on the western side of Almas East Lake (Cluster D) and is situated right in front of JLT’s metro station, so you can move around the city freely and with ease. The strategic location of Lake City Tower makes it a delightful place to live in, with wonderful view and easy accessibility to the city since it’s close to the metro station.

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