O2 Tower

One Bedrooms
415,000 AED
Starting price

In our efforts to build a dream like structure that incorporates all your needs in one place, O2 Tower came to life. O2 Tower is a dream realized. With your head in the clouds, overlooking Dubai everything is possible!.
Head in the clouds….
Imagine this: you get back from work, tired and weary after a long day of meetings. You make yourself a big cup of tea and you sit back and enjoy a wonderful view of Dubai and you marvel at the fact that all the noise is far away from you. All is gone and all that’s left is your cup of tea and peace of mind.
That is what O2 Tower offers; a 34-storeys-high sanctuary that is far from the city, yet in the heart of it!
O2 offers you the luxury of choosing between a studio and a fully-furnished, 1-bedroom apartment at an affordable price and with easy installments payment plans. O2 Towers truly is where dreams come true!

That is not all!
Brace yourself for a living experience like no other! With retail outlets and a scope of relaxation and recreational facilities.
Treat yourself in our Recreational center, Swimming pool, Sauna, Jacuzzi and Steam Room all incorporated with Tiger’s O2 Tower!

The way of the Tiger...
Tiger has been working hard to provide you with the best experiences around Dubai. With Expo 2020 on its way, Tiger has been working on building a few center pillars that will serve to satisfy the growing demands for new property to serve the anticipated influx of new guests.
O2 Tower is one of the many great properties that Tiger have nurtured to reality.

  • Temperature controlled swimming pool.
  • Kids play area and lush green park.
  • Cafe and restaurants.
  • recreational centre and clubhouse.
  • Well equipped health club and gymnasium.

The wonders of O2 Tower reside in its exceptional location. Surrounded by everything you might require.

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