Regina Tower

One Bedrooms
362,000 AED
Starting price

Regina Tower redefines luxury and mixed-use building by incorporating all in one. With residences, offices, and retail shops in one majestic structure, there is nothing you cannot achieve in Regina Tower!
Wake Up To Luxury
The luxury of Regina Tower knows no bounds! Regina Tower houses 308 flats for you to choose from at your leisure with the option of choosing from a Studio and a 1-bedroom apartment. The next time you have your morning coffee it could be on one of the 28 floors of Regina Tower! Embrace yourself for a breathtaking view and a luxurious living space that will make you want to stay home as long as possible!

More Than a Residence…
Regina Tower is not only a residential tower but it also incorporates 2 Retail Shops and 18 Offices. The mixed-use tower truly has it all!

But that’s not all
Regina Tower also includes amenities for you and your family to enjoy including a Gym, swimming pool and much more. The parking space provided accommodate 397 cars so that you have nothing to worry about.

The way of the Tiger...
We worked hard and long to see our vision of Regina Tower realized; a mixed-use tower that is all about luxury. We are very proud to see the majestic structure come to life and are sure that it will offer its users the comfort and luxury they seek.

  • Temperature controlled swimming pool.
  • Kids play area and lush green park.
  • Cafe and restaurants.
  • recreational centre and clubhouse.
  • Well equipped health club and gymnasium.

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